10 Best Hot Tents For Your Winter Camping Trip for 2023 (2024)

Like to camp all year round? Live in or like to explore places that get cold at night? Want to include a little luxury in your camping without going overboard?

If you answered yes to any of those, you should consider a hot tent.

Hot tents are ideal for camping in the cold or exploring the wilderness at any time of year.

OneTigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent with Stove Jack

10 Best Hot Tents For Your Winter Camping Trip for 2023 (1)

The OneTigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent with Stove Jack is a traditional hot tent design that mimics the tepee. It’s a simple tent available in 2 colors.

It’s another double layer tent with 4 season waterproof outer layer and insulating inner. This tent also vents for if things get too warm inside or to allow smoke to escape.

It has a stove jack that’s completely fireproof with a fully temperature resistant square and a fully insulated floor to help keep the cold out.

There’s also a double door, a tent skirt for extra security and guy lines.

Pros of the OneTigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent with Stove Jack:

  • Simple and light tepee tent
  • Waterproof outer good for winter and rain
  • Double door and vents around the tent
  • Skirt for extra security
  • Easy to assemble

Cons of the OneTigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent with Stove Jack:

  • A little on the expensive side for what it is

Whiteduck Canvas Bell Tent

10 Best Hot Tents For Your Winter Camping Trip for 2023 (2)

The Whiteduck Canvas Bell Tent is exactly what it says on the tin. A white canvas bell tent but with a stove jack built in.

This is a single layer tent capable of sleeping up to 8. It comes in a range of different sizes, both with and without stove jacks. We obviously recommend the one with stove jack as a hot tent.

This is a tall tent made of army duck cotton canvas that’s water repellent and finished to a very high standard. It’s a heavy material that offers plenty of protection but isn’t the most portable you’ll ever use.

The tent has windows and a large door, roof vents and bug mesh covering all openings.

Pros of the Whiteduck Canvas Bell Tent:

  • Manufactured to a very high standard
  • Heavy canvas fabric has UV and mold protection
  • All openings have bug mesh
  • Stove jack included in some models
  • Can sleep up to 8

Cons of the Whiteduck Canvas Bell Tent:

  • Heavy and not the most portable
  • Difficult for one person to construct

Click here to see our list of the best 8 person tents.

Stout Bell Tent

10 Best Hot Tents For Your Winter Camping Trip for 2023 (3)

Stout Bell Tents are one of the most recognized names in camping and for good reason. The owner used to sew parachutes for the military before making tents.

Now, the company manufactures a range of bell tents, many with stove jacks.

Tents come as single or double skin and we would recommend double for winter camping. Each includes one or two doors, bug netting, waterproof groundsheet that zips in and lots of interior space.

They are at the expensive end of the scale but you really do get what you pay for.

Pros of Stout Bell Tents:

  • Great pedigree and build quality
  • Single or double wall construction
  • Zip groundsheet for full coverage
  • Option for power chord passthrough
  • Single or double doors

Cons of Stout Bell Tents:

  • On the heavy side for larger tents
  • Quality costs

MC Canvas Tent Bell Tent Yurt with Stove Jack

10 Best Hot Tents For Your Winter Camping Trip for 2023 (4)

The MC Canvas Tent Bell Tent Yurt with Stove Jack is along similar lines to the Whiteduck. It’s a traditional round canvas tent with vents around the side and a groundsheet to keep the inside warm.

The design is reassuringly traditional and should be recognizable to everyone. It has vents all around, a 6-6” height and plenty of interior space. The door is double lined, as is the tent itself.

There’s also a stove jack option to make this a true hot tent. The canvas cover rolls up to expose the jack, leaving the fireproof material around the stove.

The MC Canvas Tent Bell Tent Yurt with Stove Jack isn’t quite a yurt but has similar appeal and is well worth checking out.

Pros of MC Canvas Tent Bell Tent Yurt with Stove Jack:

  • Nice design with traditional bell tent appeal
  • Vents and areas can be rolled and folded for ventilation
  • Separate ground sheet for extra warmth
  • Built-in stove jack
  • Simple to assemble

Cons of MC Canvas Tent Bell Tent Yurt with Stove Jack:

  • Ground sheet is separate so will need to be secured into place

PRESELF 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent

10 Best Hot Tents For Your Winter Camping Trip for 2023 (5)

The PRESELF 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent is a low-slung tipi design available in four colors. It’s a great little tent that looks small but can sleep 3 in relative comfort.

Made from waterproof material and is impressively light. While that material isn’t as waterproof as some here, the 3.5lb weight means this is a very portable tent!

Portability is the name of the game here, with aluminum poles, thin but warm material and aluminum stakes. There are compromises in heat retention and you do have to cut your own stove jack, but otherwise, this is a solid tent.

The PRESELF 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent is for those who need to carry their own loads over long distances rather than the coldest of hikes.

Pros of the PRESELF 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent:

  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Very easy to carry on longer hikes
  • Optional stove jack can also have other uses
  • Can sleep 2 in comfort, 3 at a push
  • 5lb weight

Cons of the PRESELF 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent:

  • Not as warm or as waterproof as heavier-duty tents
  • You have to cut your own stove jack

Peregrine Floorless Tent Stove With Jack

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The Peregrine Boreal HT 4 was designed to be a super versatile, 4-person tent made for a wide variety of backcountry activities, no matter the weather. Compatible with the Peregrine Titanium Wood Stove, the stove jack is removable, but during those winter months, you’re going to want it.

The eight-sided tent offers 77 square feet of space for four backcountry campers. And because of its floorless design, the tent can be used as a ski-touring shelter or a space to cook when you’re at camp.

Pros of the Peregrine Floorless Tent with Stove Jack:

  • Versatile design for multi-use
  • 2 lbs 14 oz total weight
  • Set-up is quick and easy and works well with compatible stove
  • Stands up to the elements , waterproof

Cons of the Peregrine Floorless Tent Stove with Jack:

  • Tight fit for four people

KingCamp Torino Hot Tent

10 Best Hot Tents For Your Winter Camping Trip for 2023 (7)

The KingCamp Torino Hot Tent is a very popular option for all-season campers and comes very highly recommended.

It’s a double layer tent with tough polyurethane on the exterior waterproof. The inside layer is an inner layer for extra insulation that’s also waterproof rated.

There’s also an integrated floor to prevent the cold coming up from the ground and secures into place for full enclosure. There are also skirts to help secure the tent in blustery conditions.

A door and vents are also included and come with secure covers to keep the warmth in once you’re up to temperature.

Best of all, the KingCamp Torino Hot Tent can be set up quickly by one person and comes in different sizes for those who don’t camp alone.

Pros of KingCamp Torino Hot Tent:

  • Double lined tent with 300mm waterproofing
  • Includes a floor that secures into place
  • Can be set up by one person
  • Fireproof stove jack keeps things safe
  • Light and portable

Cons of KingCamp Torino Hot Tent:

  • Simple design might not be for everyone

STOVEHUT 70 Hot Tent

10 Best Hot Tents For Your Winter Camping Trip for 2023 (8)

The STOVEHUT 70 Hot Tent is a shelter-style tend with one side that lifts up to provide easy access to the inside. There’s also a small side area for storing kit where the stove would go.

The STOVEHUT 70 Hot Tent uses 70D ripstop fabric that’s good for 2500mm of rain and comes with a pair of tent poles and the poles, guys and pegs to quickly assemble the tent when out in the wild.

The side curtain is an excellent addition. It secures down to keep the wind and cold out and lifts up to provide easy access and a little more shelter from the rain.

It’s a great option if you’re looking for a little more space in your tent.

Pros of the STOVEHUT 70 Hot Tent:

  • Innovative design with fold out flap
  • Spacious inside with a side section for the stove
  • 2500mm waterproofing
  • Double layered for maximum insulation
  • Vents all around

Cons of the STOVEHUT 70 Hot Tent:

  • May require more than one person to assemble

Preself Freestanding Hot Tent

10 Best Hot Tents For Your Winter Camping Trip for 2023 (9)

The Preself Freestanding Hot Tent is another very lightweight tent from the same manufacturer. It’s another tent designed for longer hikes but has a little more robustness for colder climates.

This is a dome tent and sits relatively low to the ground. It can sleep 2 in comfort and 3 at a squeeze and has a low stove jack to help keep everyone warm.

The advantage with this tent is that it’s freestanding and comes with one piece poles secured by elastic. That means it can be assembled quickly, by one person in all kinds of conditions.

The Preself Freestanding Hot Tent is a light-duty hot tent that delivers the goods. Not ideal for the coldest camps but plenty enough for the cool or cold.

Pros of the Preself Freestanding Hot Tent:

  • Lightweight design and easy to carry
  • One piece poles make it easy to assemble
  • Light but warm fabric offers decent protection in the cold
  • Vents with mesh coverings
  • Freestanding

Cons of the Preself Freestanding Hot Tent:

  • Another tent for medium-cold conditions

Tipi Hot Tent with Mesh and Fire Retardant Stove Jack

10 Best Hot Tents For Your Winter Camping Trip for 2023 (10)

The Tipi Hot Tent with Mesh and Fire Retardant Stove Jack is a single person tent for lone campers. It’s a lightweight tent with single pole that has a low profile and windproof and waterproof construction.

It’s another option better suited for cold rather than freezing conditions but comes with integrated stove jack and vents to keep the temperature just right. The stove jack has flame retardant material to keep you safe and warm.

The tent also has a separate inner mesh you can optionally use to keep bugs out in better weather and can come with a skirt and groundsheet to keep the cold out and the tent secure.

If you like being self-sufficient, this single person tent is great for all but the coldest conditions.

Pros of the Tipi Hot Tent with Mesh and Fire Retardant Stove Jack:

  • Light and easy to carry
  • Efficient tipi style with single pole
  • Separate inner mesh for god weather camping
  • Flame retardant material around the stove jack
  • One person tent ideal for lone campers

Cons of the Tipi Hot Tent with Mesh and Fire Retardant Stove Jack:

  • Lighter material not ideal for the coldest conditions

Choosing a stove for your hot tent

Now you have a good idea of what tent to buy for winter camping, let’s take a quick look at what to look for in a stove.

A hot tent without a stove jack is just a tent, but without a stove to put in the jack, it isn’t exactly ‘hot’.

The size of stove you need depends on the size of the tent. It’s not about dimensions but about generating enough heat to keep you and the tent warm but not so much that you need to open the door and let some heat out.

Then there’s the material the stove is made of.

The cheapest stoves are made from stainless steel. They are cheaper to buy but heavier to carry. There are also titanium stoves. They are more expensive to buy but much lighter.

We recommend titanium. We have a titanium stove and a 6’ stovepipe and it weighs just 2.2 lbs.

Ease of use

You should also consider how easy your stove is to put together and get ready to burn. Most stoves will fold flat, or mostly flat, and will need assembling before use.

Remember, you’re going to be assembling it when you’re cold and tired, so the easier it is to put together and light, the better.

If your stove has a controllable intake and chimney damper all the better. The intake will be a vent somewhere that controls how much air goes in. The chimney damper will work in a similar way on the chimney.

These two components can slow down the burn and make wood last longer. This means using less wood and can also mean a still-warm stove in the morning when you wake up!

Hot Tent FAQS

What is a hot tent?

Hot tents are like standard tents but with a stove jack in one panel of the wall or roof. This enables you to use a wood burning stove safely within the tent to help keep you warm.

Hot tents with a stove can help you stay warm, dry damp clothes and keep the damp, wet and cold at bay.

It’s a logical evolution of camping. Use the latest tents that provide essential shelter and portability with a wood burner for warmth.

As long as you have access to dry wood, you can keep yourself warm and your clothes dry in all but the worst conditions!

What is a stove jack?

We mentioned a hot tent is a standard tent with a stove jack, but what is that exactly?

A stove jack is an opening within the tent that you can pass a stovepipe through. It will be lined with fireproof material that doesn’t melt in the heat.

Use the right dimension stovepipe with the jack and you have the means to safely use a wood burner without melting your tent.

What’s the best hot tent for winter camping?

It’s not up to us to decide which is the best hot tent for winter camping as we all look for different things.

Instead, we have curated a list of 10 tried and tested hot tents with great reviews from names we trust.

We have tried to include as many types, shapes and sizes of tent possible within this list. If you’re in the market for a hot tent, you’re sure to find something here!

Top hot tents for winter camping

So, there you have it, 10 great options if you’re in the market for a hot tent. We have tried to cover as much ground as possible, with options for multiple people, single hikers and 2-3 people.

We include canvas, ripstop and other materials too. All have stove jacks and have been designed to cope with all but the coldest of weather.

If you’re looking for a new tent to see you through fall or winter, one of these is sure to fit the bill!

10 Best Hot Tents For Your Winter Camping Trip for 2023 (11)
10 Best Hot Tents For Your Winter Camping Trip for 2023 (2024)


What is the best tent for winter camping? ›

Top Winter Tents
  1. MSR Access 3P.
  2. The North Face - VE 25.
  3. The North Face Mountain 25 Tent.
  4. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV2 Expedition Tent.
  5. Black Diamond HiLight 2 Person Tent.
  6. Mountain Hardwear Trango.
Dec 11, 2023

What is a hot tent for winter camping? ›

Hot tent means a tent where you can use a stove in the tent, which is appreciated while winter camping. There are a number of things to keep in mind when planning the camping in a hot tent and not all tents are suitable for making a fire, either in a stove or as an open fire.

How do I choose a winter tent? ›

When it comes to finding a winter tent, the most important factor is warmth. You'll want to find an insulated tent with a proper weather-resistant outer layer. The best way to find a warm winter tent suited to your specific needs is to read online reviews from other winter campers.

Do you need a special tent for winter camping? ›

For high winds and heavy snowfall, a 4-season tent is recommended. 4-season tents have sturdier poles and heavier fabrics than 3-season tents so they can withstand powerful gusts of wind and heavy snow loads. They also have less mesh and the rainflys extend close to the ground to keep swirling snow from getting inside.

Which tent stays the coolest? ›

Choosing a lightweight fabric tent, like a pop-up tent is like giving your event a breath of fresh air. The lightweight fabric makes reliable shelter overhead while letting the breeze in. Keep in mind that these types of fabrics are typically translucent and don't fully block the sun's rays.

What is the best material for a tent in winter camping? ›

Insulation: Tents with more fabric on the inner walls will offer more insulation and warmth, and offer more protection from cold winds. Material: Choose a tent made of sturdy and durable materials, such as ripstop nylon or polyester.

What color of tent is better? ›

3. Blend with the Environment. The tent color should harmonize with its surroundings, creating a seamless integration with the landscape. Opt for earthy tones like green tents, light gray, or tan to complement natural or architectural elements, making your tent an inviting extension of the space.

How many degrees is a tent warmer? ›

the inside temps will quickly rise to 10-25 degrees above the outside temps. Now for something completely different…… condensation. There is rarely any condensation on the inner tent, even though the conditions would favor condensation.

Do smaller tents stay warm? ›

A small tent with more people is warmer than a large tent. This is less true if everyone has two sleeping bags and wears a warm hat because they lose less heat, but it is still true.

What temperature is too cold for tent camping? ›

Anything below 20° F is, without doubt, too cold to go tent camping. At these temperatures, the effects of frostbite can kick in in under 30 minutes.

What heater is safe to use in a tent? ›

Fuel-burning heaters can be a fire risk and can produce invisible but deadly carbon monoxide. Low-power electric heaters can be used in tents at night if you follow our advice on using electricity safely on the campsite here.

Is sleeping in a car warmer than a tent? ›

Car camping in cold weather and sleeping in your car can be much warmer than tenting. Add reflectix wrap to windows, sleep on multiple layers, and create a heat barrier. Cars lose most of their heat through their windows so add reflectix wrap to windows before bed to lessen heat loss.

How cold is too cold for tent camping? ›

30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 to -4 degrees Celsius) is generally considered too cold for camping in a tent, especially for those less experienced or not equipped with the right gear.

What should I sleep on when camping in cold weather? ›

Two Sleeping Pads are Better Than One

The tried-and-true two-pad combination is a winter-grade air sleeping pad with reflective fabric, layered on top of a closed-cell foam pad with reflective surface. It's hard to get warmer than this setup in a light, packable sleep system.

How cold is a 3 season tent? ›

A non-winterized 3-season tent is usually only about 5 degrees F warmer than the outdoor temperatures. Winterized 3-season and 4-season tents will range from 10-20 degrees warmer, while specialty expedition or insulated tents could be up to 25 degrees F warmer than outside temperatures.

What are 4-season tents? ›

At the most basic level, a 4-season (or winter) tent is designed to withstand extreme weather, holding up to fierce winds and heavy snow loads. A 3-season (or backpacking) tent is designed for lightweight performance and breathability.

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