8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (2024)

Most campers are more concerned when buying a cold-weather tent. Having a decent and reliable tent when it’s freezing outside is a good idea. However, we often need to remember how uncomfortable a hot and damp tent can be. Keeping in view the importance of the issue and the need for awareness, I have decided to share my thoughts on how you can enjoy camping in the hottest season of the year.

There are numerous tent options available when it comes to hot-weather camping. So, to save you time, I have narrowed it down by compiling the below list of Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping after looking through several top-rated tents. This article will help you find an excellent heat-blocking Tent for your upcoming expedition.

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Comparison of Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping

Following is a quick summary of the best tents for hot-weather camping:

Image Product Specifications Price
8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (1)Marmot Limestone Camping TentSpecial Feature: Waterproof, UVP protection
Occupancy: 4 Person
Design: Camping Tent
Material: Nylon, Aluminum, fabric, Polyurethane
Check Price
8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (2)Coleman Dome Tent with Screen RoomSpecial Feature: Sleeping Capacity: 6-person
Occupancy: 6 Person
Material: Nylon
Check Price
8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (3)CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin TentSpecial Feature: Tent Stakes, Rainfly
Occupancy: 9 Person
Design: Camping Tent
Material: Polyester
Check Price
8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (4)Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Camping TentOccupancy: 6 Person
Material: Polyester, Aluminum
Recommended: Camping & Hiking
Seasons: 3
Check Price
8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (5)Coleman Sundome TentFeature: Rainfly
Occupancy: 2 Person
Design: Camping Tent
Material: Synthetic
Check Price
8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (6)Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow TentOccupancy: 4 Person
Material: Canvas, Vinyl, Alloy Steel
Recommended: Camping & Hiking
Check Price
8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (7)Ozark Trail Dark Rest Instant Cabin TentFeature: Rainfly
Occupancy: 10 Person
Material: Polyester, Alloy Steel
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8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (8)Quechua Pop-Up TentFeature: UV protection
Occupancy: 3 Person
Material: Polyester, Polyethylene, fabric, Polyurethane
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Best Hot Weather Tents Review

The following section thoroughly reviews the top eight tents for camping in hot and humid weather. These tents were chosen after a critical analysis based on essential factors like weatherproofing, ventilation, liveability, mobility, and setup.

No 1. Best Overall Tent for Hot Weather Camping: Marmot Limestone Camping Tent

8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (9)

The Marmot Limestone is a perfect high-quality tent for use in hot weather. The inner tent features no-um-see mesh providing a cool and comfortable interior. The tent has steep walls that offer excellent liveability and is easy to set up.


The Marmot Limestone tent features a fully covered rainfly with a hydrostatic rating of 1500mm and is UV resistant. A bathtub floor construction ensures complete protection from the ground elements, and two large apses fulfill all kinds of your equipment storage needs.
Talking of wind stability, this tent is highly stable in the winds thanks to its DAC pole structure which also ensures the right tenacity of the tent fabric.


The inner mesh tent offers excellent ventilation and keeps the interior cool and ventilated in the summer. Two large mesh doors at the front and back provide adequate airflow, and more than 50% of the inner tent consists of no-um-see mesh.


The Marmot Limestone is an ideal tent when it comes to livability. It measures 100(W) x 86(L) x 63(H) inches, offering up to four people accommodation. The near-vertical walls allow for ample headspace and make the interior spacious and comfortable. Two generous doors and various inside storage pockets help organize and effectively use the indoor space.

Portability & Setup

This tent offers excellent portability with a pack size of 27.5 x 10 inches and a packed weight of 11 lbs. These figures are impressive for a four-person tent. The tent setup includes press-fit poles with colour coding for easy pitching of the shelter.

What I don’t like

This tent is a bit cramped for four people. It is ideal for three people and their camping equipment.

Bottom line

The Marmot Limestone Tent is an excellent quality and robust shelter for use in hot weather. It can withstand the sun’s hotness and windy conditions that may come up during the summer. This tent offers excellent value for the money and will survive many camping seasons.

No 2. Best Hot Weather Tent with Screen Room: Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (10)

This Coleman variant is a six-person tent with the Amazon’s Choice award for being a highly rated and well-priced product. It features a sizeable full-floor screen room that provides a comfortable and relaxed interior no matter how hot the weather is. The tent also provides ample protection from the outdoor elements.


The tent fabric comprises 75D polyester taffeta for superior resistance against rain, wind, and other outdoor elements. Inverted seams and welded floor corners ensure no water comes inside the tent. The included rainfly also features window awnings allowing you to open the windows in the rain. A sturdy and waterproof tent floor is also available for adequate protection from the ground elements.


The tent features multiple windows and a large entrance for ample ventilation. A comfortable, full-floor screen room is also available during extra hot weather. The screen room not only enhances the overall ventilation of the shelter, but you can also use it as a sleeping area during warmer days.


This tent has a floor size of 10 x 9 ft with an excellent headspace of 5 ft and 8 inches at the centre. Then there is a spacious full-floor screen room at the front that measures 10 x 5 ft and can be used for keeping your gear, enjoying bug-free sitting, or sleeping during hotter days. Also, the tent offers multiple storage pockets for keeping personal items.

Portability & Setup

When in collapsed form, this tent measures 28 x 10 x 10 inches, which is excellent for a six-person tent. The tent’s weight is 20.9 lbs, and suitable for vehicle camping. This large tent is also super easy to pitch and takes about fifteen minutes only.

What I don’t like

This screen room lets in the rainwater through the mesh. But the tent is designed that way, and you can find cheap and practical solutions to fix this quickly.

Bottom line

The Coleman Dome Camping Tent is an excellent budget-friendly choice for hot-weather camping. It is a durable and high-quality tent with many features you won’t find easily in a budget tent. With plenty of indoor space and headroom, this tent will make you feel highly comfortable.

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No 3. Best Instant Hot Weather Tent for Camping: CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (11)

The Core 9-person cabin tent offers a speedy setup in just a couple of minutes and adjustable ground vents for superior ventilation and comfort. This highly spacious tent can be divided into two separate cabins offering versatility. A whole mesh ceiling also allows you to enjoy stargazing on a beautiful and clear night.


The tent comprises durable 68D polyester fabric having a 600mm hydrostatic rating and fully taped seams. There is a 125 gsm polyethene floor that is tough and can handle high traffic. Heavy-duty steel poles have been provided to ensure structural strength and stability.


The CORE Instant Cabin Tent provides exceptional ventilation featuring multiple mesh windows, a door, and an entire mesh roof. Adjustable ground vents are also provided in the tent to maintain temperature as desired. So, you can enjoy a highly cool and comfortable indoor space with this CORE tent.


A 14′ X 9′ floor design can easily accommodate up to nine individuals in sleeping bags or fit up to two queen-size air beds. You can reduce the number of people inside and create additional space for your gear.

The centre height is 78 inches, so the taller folks can easily move around in the tent. Several inside pockets are also provided inside the tent to stash small items.

Portability & Setup

The packed weight of this tent is 30.5 lbs, and the packed size is 48 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches making it suitable for car or RV camping only. Coming to the tent setup, this large shelter is super easy to pitch up or take down in just two minutes, thanks to its pre-assembled frame.

What I don’t like

The ground vents are a problem in cold weather. Because they don’t close completely with the provided rope and let the air pass through them.

Bottom line

The CORE Instant Cabin Tent is a highly recommended budget option if you need a high-capacity and spacious tent for hot-weather camping. It is also a durable shelter with an instant setup and plenty of ventilation to accommodate your camping needs.

No 4. Best Backpacking Tent for Hot Weather: Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Camping Tent

8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (12)

The Kelty Trail Ridge tent boasts a spacious design with steep walls and excellent ceiling height. This tent is also very lightweight and portable thanks to its compact pack size. If you love to do stargazing, this tent features a complete mesh roof to allow you to sleep under the star-filled sky.


The Kelty Trail Ridge camping tent features a full-coverage rainfly that is very simple, easy to pitch, and offers a waterproof rating of up to 2000mm. Three lightweight yet highly robust aluminium poles constitute the tent structure. So, you can use this tent in rainy and windy conditions with peace of mind.


This tent provides a cool and well-ventilated interior during hot weather camping. The inner tent comprises half mesh walls and an entire mesh roof to assist airflow and enjoy a beautiful stargazing experience.


This six-person tent features a 10ft x 8ft 2in floor size with an excellent peak height of 6ft 2 in. Two vestibules provide plenty of storage and two doors for easy entry and exit. So, even with six persons inside the tent, you will not feel cramped up and tight.

Portability & Setup

This six-person tent is very lightweight and weighs only 15.2 lbs. It measures 22.5 x 10 x 10 inches when packed down. The setup is also simple and quick and requires two people to do the job.

What I don’t like

The doors’ zippers get stuck often and require two hands to open up. It is strongly recommended to improve the zipper quality.

Bottom line

The Kelty Trail Ridge Camping tent is a high-quality and durable tent that is lightweight and portable. It comes with a footprint also and offers you plenty of room and headspace. The two vestitwo-doord two-door design makes it a perfect high-capacity tent.

No 5. Best Family Tent for Hot Weather: Coleman Sundome Tent

8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (13)

The Coleman Sundome Tent is another fantastic chot-weatherot weather camping. Available in two, three, four, and six-person capacities, this tent provides a comfortable and cool interior and is easy to set up.


The Coleman Sundome Tent features a patented WeatherTec system and a rainfly to shield you from rain and wind. The WeatherTec system uses inverted seams and welding on the corners to ensure maximum water protection. The strong and sturdy tent frame is tested to withstand winds up to 35 mph.


Two large windows and a ground vent provide superior ventilation and comfort during warmer days.


The four-person Coleman Sundome Tent measures 9 x 7 feet and has a center height of 4 feet 11 inches. There is one D-shaped entrance and multiple gear pockets provided inside the tent. An E-port allows you to have electrical power inside the tent with ease.

Portability & Setup

The four-person variant measures 24 x 7 x 7 inches when packed in the included storage bag. It has a decent weight of only 10 lbs and can be used for small-distance backpacking. Moreover, putting up the tent is simple and easy and takes about ten minutes.

What I don’t like

The tent doesn’t offer any vestibule for gear storage. So, you must travel light with minimum gear when using the Sundome tent.

Bottom line

The Coleman Sundome tent is highly affordable and excellent for hot-weather camping. This tent is highly reliable and well-designed to meet your hot-weather camping needs.

No 6. Best Canvas Hot Weather Tent for Camping: Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent

8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (14)

The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow is the only canvas tent on the list. It is a four-season tent and can also be used in the summer due to the breathable fabric and multiple mesh windows on every side of the tent. So, this tent is a must-buy if you want premium quality and highly reliable shelter for the summer season.


The Kodiak Canvas tent features a 100% cotton duck canvas that is watertight, breathable, and durable. The tent floor comprises polyester-reinforced vinyl for extra strength and waterproofing. A 1-inch galvanized steel frame holds the heavy-duty canvas against heavy winds while the flex-bow design maintains the tautness very well.


Four huge windows have no-um-see mesh and highly breathable fabric for ample ventilation—also, two funnel-flow vents in the tent design aid air circulation and temperature control.


The four-person Kodiak Flex-Bow Tent has a floor size of 9 ft x 8 ft and an exceptional ceiling height of 6 feet and 1 inch. There are two large doors at the front and back and a vast front awning (70 x 57 inches), enhancing the liveability and offering plenty of dry and protected storage space. There are also several inside pockets available to keep small personal items safe within easy reach.

Portability & Setup

This tent measures only 24 x 13 inches when packed in its storage bag, with the pole bundle separately measuring 35 x 5.5 inches. The packed weight of the tent is 57.78 pounds and is suitable for vehicle camping only. When properly staked, it takes only five minutes, and only one person can put up the shelter quickly.

What I don’t like

This canvas tent is heavyweight and expensive, but its quality and durability justify the additional cost.

Bottom line

If you are a canvas tent lover, you can buy the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow tent with complete peace of mind. It is a heavy-duty and highly durable tent with excellent weatherproofing and liveability features. The high ceiling design and steep walls provide a spacious and comfortable indoor space for the campers.

No 7. Best Hot Weather Tent for Large Group: Ozark Trail Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (15)

The Ozark Train is another spacious and well-ventilated tent with an instant setup. It is a cabin-style tent that can accommodate up to ten people. Additionally, it boasts dark rest technology that lets you enjoy a good night’s sleep in the daylight.


This tent offers excellent wet weather protection with factory-sealed and fully taped seams. The included rainfly provides long-term protection from the rain, and a high-ceiling design makes the tent stable in strong winds.


The tent has multiple mesh windows on each wall and large mesh ceiling panels offering adequate ventilation. This large tent is super airy and comfortable even with the rainfly on.


The tent’s floor is 178 x 120 inches with an excellent ceiling height of 78 inches. If you love sleeping in the dark, this tent is a must-buy. A gear loft, lantern hook, and E-cord are also provided for added convenience.

Portability & Setup

This tent measures only 45 x 10 x 10 inches when packed in its storage bag and weighs 37.7 pounds. The setup is super easy due to the pre-assembled tent frame, and it takes only one minute to put up.

What I don’t like

The floor material is thin and needs an excellent tarp to place underneath.

Bottom line

The Ozark Trail Dark Rest tent offers excellent value for the money and is best for hot-weather camping. It is a well-designed shelter that provides a pleasant and comfortable indoor space during the summer and is super easy to set up.

No 8. Best 2-Person Tent for Hot Weather: Quechua Pop-Up Tent

8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (16)

The Quechua Pop-Up Tent is the fastest setup tent on the list taking only two seconds. It has a self-supporting structure that takes the required shape by pulling the two cords. The tent also folds down easily by pressing the push buttons.


The Quechua Pop-Up Tent comprises a 2000mm PU-coated polyester rainfly and a 120 gsm PE floor. All seams are heat-sealed to ensure complete dryness inside. The flysheet is also UV resistant, with a rating of 30 SPF. Also, the low profile makes this tent very stable in windy conditions.


The inner polyester tent is breathable, and two top vents are provided in the middle of each side for ample ventilation.


The tent’s floor is 73 x 83 inches, with a ceiling height of 41 inches. It offers ample room for two people and can also fit three, but it will be a tight squeeze. A big D-shaped door allows for simple and efficient entry and exit. There is also a lantern hook included for added convenience.

Portability & Setup

It is a pop-up tent that takes only two seconds to put up. The takedown is also super easy with the press of two buttons, and it packs down to a flat 32 inches diameter disk for easy storage and transportability. The packed tent weighs 8.58 pounds and can be used for backpacking, mountaineering, and car camping.

What I don’t like

The ventilation could be better than the other tents on the list because no windows are included in the tent design.

Bottom line

The Quechua Pop-Up Tent is a lightweight, durable, and compact tent suitable for backpacking, mountaineering, and car camping. The best feature is that it sets up automatically in seconds and saves you precious camping time.

Buying Guide: Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping

Following are a few essential aspects to consider while buying a hot weather tent.

1. Tent UV Protection

For summer camping, a UV-resistant tent is vital in protecting the tent for extended use. There are many UV-resistant tents available in the market at affordable prices. But if you find a good tent that lacks UV protection, you need to think about how the tent will hold up in the summer against the sun.

You can use a few tips in this regard. You can set up the tent in a shaded area during camping.

The next tip is to wash all the dirt off the fabric using a pail of cold water after taking down the tent. The key is to clean the tent with cold water.

Finally, let it dry before packaging. You may use a drying spray, which is sold in stores. This way, you can fully preserve your tent and use it for a long time.

2. Tent Breathability

Usually, two-door tents are available in the market and used in the summer because if the tent gets hot, you can’t sit in it comfortably. Especially in summer, you need a tent with breathable fabric, two doors design, multiple windows, and vents.

These tents provide you with the best ventilation in summer. A mesh canopy provides you with the best views and stargazing experience. Usually, the summer camping tents allow for adequate ventilation with the rainfly on and let you enjoy the beautiful rainy weather outdoors.

3. Tent Durability

Tent durability is the best feature you should look for in every tent. It is recommended to purchase a tent with 5 to 10 years of service life. Because you can buy and use a long-lasting tent with complete peace of mind.

Also, the tent should have the ability to handle strong winds and other outdoor conditions. In summer, many storms are hitting the tent, and thus need to handle perfectly.

4. Tent Waterproofness

Anyone heading outdoors should invest in a waterproof tent. Many tents are made for this purpose, so it’s fine to cover yourself and your tent in heavy rain. Nowadays tents protect you in snow and heavy rainfall also. You can purchase them according to your need and budget.

5. How Easy The Tent Is To Assemble

Setting up your tent should be as simple and quick as possible. It will save you much camping time and effort, especially on a tiring and warm day. Although the setup time usually depends on the tent size, the best tents are well-designed and take little time to assemble or disassemble. Generally, the tent setup should take from two to ten minutes at the maximum, depending on the size and design.

6. Dark Room

A dark room is the best technology in this modern era to get the best sleep inside a tent without any disturbance from the sunlight. Secondly, the dark room technology keeps your tent cooler in warm weather. It provides you best sleep by blocking the sunlight so that you can wake up late in the morning and don’t need to find a shady spot when you have a tent with a darkroom.

7. Livability

The tent’s livability mainly includes floor size, headspace, and gear storage options. These factors are crucial when choosing a tent for hot weather camping. Because if a tent is under capacity and overpacked with people and gear on the inside, it will never be cool and comfortable in hot weather, no matter how ventilated. So, carefully look for these aspects also before making your decision.

Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping: Final Thoughts

Picking a summer camping tent requires looking for some simple but essential factors and assessing your camping conditions before buying. I have listed above some of the verybest hot weather tentsto choose from. In case you have something different in mind, I have also shared a buying guide to always assist you in making an informed decision. If you try any of the above tents on your next camping trip, please let us know about your experience in the comments section. Good luck and happy camping.

Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping: Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the frequently asked questions about the best tents for hot weather camping.

1. How To Pitch a Tent in the heat of the summer season?

Answer: The fastest way to put up the tents is to practice in advance. In accordance with the assembly instructions, put the tent on the ground and connect the poles. Afterward, anchor the tent to the ground.

2. When Is Hot Weather Camping Too Hot?

Answer: Hot weather camping may be challenging when the daytime temperature exceeds 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and the nighttime temperature exceeds 80. Spending prolonged time in these high-temperature environments is also harmful.

3. What Can You Do To Keep Bugs and Insects out of the tent?

Answer: Bugs and insects are attracted to light and smell. Try to switch off all the lights before you go to sleep. If the light is on at night, shut the windows without insect mesh to prevent pests from entering. Whenever possible, leave soiled dishes and open food containers outside the tents. If it’s safe, prepare food and dine outside the tent.

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4. How Do You Keep Your Tent Cool?

Answer: Pitch up your tent as much as possible in a shady and airy location. The best tents for the summer season should have lots of mesh windows. Avoid using the rain fly if possible. Try using a reflecting umbrella or tarp for the hottest times.

There are tents available with AC ports, but these are heavyweight and recommended for vehicle camping only where weight is of little concern. These can help create a homely atmosphere inside your tent.

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5. What if the camping tent gets cold at night?

Answer: Summer camping tents are designed to be cool and airy all the time. So, you may feel cold at night. You can close the windows and vents to stop cold air flow from the outside. Also, keep a hot water bottle or disposable heat pack with you. Go to bed in proper clothing to avoid feeling cold later in the night.

6. Which is the coolest tent for camping?

The CORE 9-Person Tent is one of the coolest camping tents as it provides plenty of ventilation and is large enough to maintain an optimum temperature even in the hottest weather. Another best thing is the high ceiling design that keeps indoors cool and very comfortable.

7. How do I keep my tent cool in extreme heat?

Answer: You can keep your tent cool by choosing a perfect hot-weather tent suitable for your camping conditions. You can pitch your tent under the shade and keep a small fan inside. You may opt for a tent with built-in AC ducts if you are vehicle camping and weight is not very concerning.

8. What Colour tent is the coolest in hot weather?

Answer: Bright colours absorb less heat, especially the white colour reflecting all light wavelengths. On the contrary, dark colour, especially black colour, attracts or absorbs heat. So, it is a handy tip to keep the tent cool by choosing a bright color tent.

9. What tents can withstand high winds?

Answer: If we talk about the tent’s shape, the dome tents can withstand high winds better than the others. Also, the low-profile tents (having low ceiling height) are much better for wind resistance than the taller tents.

The tent frame or structure is another aspect that adds to the stability and strength against wind and other outdoor elements. In this regard, aluminum or composite material poles have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are recommended for a sturdy and stable tent structure.

8 Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping 2023 | Review & Guide - (2024)
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