Making seasoning stick! (2024)


  1. Use melted butter or oil: Before adding the popcorn seasoning, toss the popcorn with melted butter or oil. Canola, sunflower or olive oil works well. This will help the seasoning adhere to the popcorn.
  2. Use a spray oil: Using a spray oil to mist the popcorn with a light coating will help the seasoning stick to the popcorn
  3. Add the seasoning while the popcorn is still hot, the steam from the popcorn will help the seasoning stick
  4. Shake the popcorn: Place the popcorn in a large paper or plastic bag, add the seasoning and shake the bag vigorously. This will coat the popcorn evenly with the seasoning.
  5. Shaking on the seasoning in one of our Microwave popping bowls with the lid on. This coats the seasoning more evenly over the popcorn.


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Making seasoning stick! (3)

Making seasoning stick! (2024)


How to make seasoning stick meat? ›

As the meat warms up, it'll start to sweat. Take a paper towel or two and dab all surfaces of the meat until it's as dry as possible. This will make it easier for the seasoning to stick, and again, you'll want that dry exterior for crust formation. Now it's time to salt and pepper your beef.

How to make spices stick to food? ›

Saute your food on the stove with 1–2 tablespoons (15–30 mL) of water, vegetable broth, cooking vinegar, or wine to help your seasoning stick without oil. Spritz your food with water or cooking vinegar before seasoning it, then place it in the oven to roast. Or, dry roast your veggies and season them afterward.

How to get seasoning to stick to homemade popcorn? ›

If you use oil for popping your popcorn, the seasoning will stick to it easily. However, to get flavor and stick to air-popped popcorn without fat, you can mist your popped popcorn with a bit of water or some other liquid. Sprinkle your popcorn as you move it to the bowl with a little liquid spray bottle.

How do they make seasoning stick to chips? ›

The seasoning (powder, oil, or slurry) is then fed or dosed into the drum and ionized (negatively charged) using a wand to create an ion cloud. The seasoning and coating adheres automatically to the positively charged potato chips – creating a true wraparound effect.

How to make a dry rub stick? ›

But before you begin flavoring your food, make sure to pat it dry with a paper towel. This will make it easier for the binder and rub to stick. Once you've removed as much moisture as possible, cover your food with the sticking agent of your choice, like egg, olive oil, or mustard, to help the rub bind to the meat.

How do you make seasoning not clump? ›

How to Prevent Clumping
  1. Place rice in the spice container. It is a tried and true home solution for removing moisture from spices and seasoning. ...
  2. Use silica gel packs. ...
  3. Anti-caking agents. ...
  4. Upgrade the cap on the container. ...
  5. Improve the spice storage containers. ...
  6. High-quality manufacturing.
Feb 13, 2024

How to make seasoning stick to steak? ›

To help your seasonings adhere to the steak's surface, you can brush all sides with a small amount of olive oil first.

How to get seasonings to stick to popcorn without butter? ›

Place all your popped corn in a paper grocery bag and spray it well with canola oil spray. (not butter unless you want butter flavor) shake the bag after every few sprays to coat all the popcorn well. this assures the spices and seasonings stick. Close the bag after adding all spices and shake well.

How to get seasoning to stick to chicken? ›

Lightly drizzle olive oil over the chicken to act as a binder, sprinkle your seasoning on top, then gently press it in and let your chicken dry-marinate for about 45 minutes.

How to make seasoning stick to fries? ›

The easiest way to get the seasoning to stick to fries and wedges (fresh or frozen) is to toss them in oil (or spray with cooking spray) before adding the seasoning. The oil should help the seasoning adhere. With deep-fried French fries, immediately transfer the cooked fries to a bag with the seasonings and shake.

How do you get seasoning to stick? ›

You can make the meat stickier with oil or water, or use your favorite condiment. Most rubs are more soluble in water than in oil— even did an experiment to confirm it—so choosing something water-based will better encourage bark formation.

How to get seasonings to stick to tortilla chips? ›

We mix our seasonings with oil and lime juice, which gives the chips a zesty flavor to balance the spices while helping the spices cling to the chips. You can also brush them with oil and sprinkle on the spices separately. When it's time to turn the seasoned tortillas into crunchy chips, you have a few options.

How to get seasoning to stick to crackers? ›

Place your crackers in a large bowl and drizzle them with a bit of olive oil or melted butter. This will help the seasonings stick to the crackers and create a delicious, crispy coating.

How do you get meat to absorb seasoning? ›

A marinade can be placed in a bag with meats for a few hours before cooking and can help the dish absorb the seasoning, providing you with great flavor in every bite.

How do you get meat to stick? ›

IF it is ground meat, you can either add an egg or panko. Push your thumb in the center of the ground meat patty and do not put the meat on before the temperature is where it needs to be. Make the meat balls or similar items several hours before cooking them and put them in the fridge so they have time to firm up.

What is the powder that sticks meat together? ›

Transglutaminase (TG), aka Meat Glue, is a natural enzyme that has the ability to glue protein-containing foods together. When raw meats are bound with TG, they typically have the strength and appearance of whole uncut muscles. Moo Gloo RM can be sprinkled on dry as a powder.

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